Joseph Donofrio and his family came to this great country to make a better life for themselves.  He defied the odds and worked hard to attain his goal of becoming a Judge.  He served his community honorably as a Judge for 27 years.
Joseph's experiences on the bench brought people before him that were suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.  In the 1960's, alcoholics were thought of as bums, and as morally depraved.  Medical evidence found that addiction for many was actually a disease.  Judge Donofrio saw the need to help these people and started the precursor to today's drug courts.  He helped to change the lives of thousands of people in this community for the better.  Over 50 years ago, he was honored when the first recovery home in Youngstown was named the "Donofrio Home."  He has been inducted into the Mahoning County Democratic Party Hall of Fame.
Following their father's example, Gene and Anthony Donofrio embraced a legacy of justice and have devoted their lives to honest public service.  Gene Donofrio has served as a judge for 25 years.  For a combined 52 years, the Donofrios have served the judiciary with integrity and distinction without a hint of controversy.