Anthony Donofrio has stated that he wants to be a judge because "I've seen first-hand what it means to be a great judge.  I've seen my father's ability to really change the lives of people for the better in ways that he couldn't do in other positions.
Anthony and his good friend Pastor Lewis Macklin II at the annual African American Wellness Run for which Anthony has volunteered for the last five years.
As a result, he helped change the lives of thousands of peopole in this communityfor the better.  In an effort to carry on this legacy, I've volunteered for and have been a member of boards that run programs that treat individuals and families suffering from addiction for the past 17 years.  I've learned about these struggles and how they are treated, and that there is hope for addicts.  Iam dedicated to fair, ethical and honest public service.  I want to help people with problems but will be tough when the administration of justice requires."
Anthony has served on the board of directors for Addiction Programs of Mahoning County, Treasurer for Treatment Alternatives to Street Crimes, Board of Directors for Meridian services, President of the Youngstown Playhouse, Legal Advisor to the West Side Citizens Coalition, 2nd degree knight with Knights of Columbus Council 274, and parishioner of St. Christine Church.

Anthony Donofrio has been preparing to be a great judge his entire life!